Sunday, July 29, 2007

Violent Great white shark attack

Coming spring (September) I'll try to take extreme fishing to the Extreme. I'm planning to chum for hammerhead sharks behind the surf zone. From a boat of course.
As soon as we have enough sharks around the boat I'll get on my paddle ski(not a fishing ski-normal Macski) and see if I can hook and land a decent size hammerhead shark with my fly fishing rod.
Ian will man the boat and take some video footage to post on here(and to pick me up super fast if I come of the ski).

The above video is the only thing that bugs me. For some unknown reason the Great White Sharks on the South African coastline "breaches" its pry. The stalk it from underneath and with 3-4 strong tail swipes they launch into the air with target in the mouth. Bone crushing experience.

We will be doing this close to seal island, Mosselbay which is well known for Big White's. So I just hope I don't look like seal or turtle from under the water.

Ian say that Whites like cheese Crackers. I'm the cheese and paddle ski the cracker.

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