Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back on the beach and smiling

I lost out on a about a month's worth of fishing. I picked up a bad liver infection and started going yellow all over. Tried to fish a few times but did not have any energy. But now I'm ok. Feet in the water, sand in the eyes and smelling like fish. Life cannot be better.

Last night I went down to the beach at Little Brak River to get some fishing done. There I met Frans, one of my friends. He said that there is some small stuff nibbling at the bait but not much happening.
Leopard Catshark

I rigged up my sliding gear and slid a nice big whole mullet out. Not too long after that I noticed some movement on my rod tip. After a while I decided to see what is going on with my bait and reeled in, feeling some small fish at the end of the line. Out came this leopard catshark. Unbelievable that the guy will try to eat something nearly the same size as him.

Pufadder Shyshark
Soon after that I caught this Pufadder Shyshark. Called a shyshark because out of the water it has got the habit of covering it's eyes with it's tail.

While I'm busy with this shark I heard Frans's reel screaming a bit and then silence. He got bitten off by a big shark.

Suddenly he got a pull on his rod that he use to catch baitfish with. Giving it some time and then he set the hook. This time the fish is on.

Smooth HoundsharkAfter about a 15 minute fight he landed this nice smooth Houndshark.
It was a fat pregnant female. After a few quick pictures the lady was released again.
Frans with pregnant shark

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