Sunday, December 16, 2007

I have been toooo busy!!

Between loads of work, a growing baby boy, me building a saltwater aquarium and our little town,Great Brak River, getting flooded I did not really have much time for fishing.

There was the odd and in between artificial lure angling but not much to write home about. Got this shad on a popper while going for garrick one morning early at Swartvlei lagoon.

Last Sunday I decided to get my backside on the beach to do some fishing and relax a bit.

Everything looked great for fishing.
No strong currents, a small beach break and a soft wind to keep me cool.

The water still has a little brown color from all the fresh water that came down the river after the flood and the beach is covered in wood.
I think from being out of practice my first cast was a nightmare.Trying to stop the overwind from getting out of control a managed to burn the nylon from my reel into my thumb. Needless to say that the rest of the days casting was not very pleasant.

After a few minutes I landed a spotted gully shark. Re-bait, re-cast(very carefully) and soon I was on with another fish. It was a small bronze whaler shark. Cast after cast The small bronzies came out all in the 6 kilogram class.

Later after the bronzies started going quite I landed a nice size smooth houndshark.
The BIG ONE is still evading me but one day it MUST happen

At least I got to spend another day on the beach and got to enjoy another spectacular sunset. Another week or two's hard work and then I can hit the beaches with a mission again.