Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sharks going wild again

This afternoon I decided to try for a shark at Mosselbay again. Arriving there I found that one of the guys already landed a baby monster of 2.46m(234kg/515 pound) All of a sudden I started getting fish fever. I baited up and started sliding my bait out into the deep blue unknown.

It was a nice and sunny day and the ocean was nice and flat with the water having just the right color for fishing. I nearly had a heart attack from a seal lying on the rocks. I did not see it and when I went to the waters edge to catch some bait fish the seal "barked" at me. Throughout the day a few guys were caught like that making for some nice laughs all around.

After about half a hour or so we saw a big shark circling on the surface and picking up one of the guys bait. But that did not last long as that shark was more or less unstopable.

Riaan(who caught the first one earlier) got hooked into a nice shark again. After about a hour and a half he landed this beauty of a Great white shark(2meters 127kg/279pound)
After a quick photo or two the majestic beast was given back it's freedom. What a nice sight to see the king of the oceans swim away into the deep slowly.
I think that is why the seal stayed on the rocks. Too much sharks around. And the scary part is that we had all our pick ups 30 to 40 meters from the rocks...Not real deep
We all had some pick ups during the day but none landed. Mine took my bait while it was still sliding down and bit of my main line again. Will I ever WIN????
There was a lot of trace and fishing tackle failures all round which made for some very colorful language. Big guys wanting to cry, Giving up hope. But fishing again tomorrow. Fishing is like a drug, you cannot give it up. Sitting in the sun next the sea, breathing fresh air and seeing beautiful animals a drug?
Then I'm a real junkie!!!
Anyway time for me to get some rest. A long hard fishing day ahead for tomorrow.

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