Monday, May 14, 2007

No luck......YET

During last week I went fishing at Little Brak river off the beach next to some rocks. The sea was very calm with some heavy weather forecasted for the next day. Just after sunset there was a rush of young shad but died down quickly. About a hour later when the moon came out the shad started biting slowly, but bigger sizes. I caught my four to use as shark bait and headed home.

Saturday at Mosselbay the fishing was slow. Not much pick ups and just a few hound sharks and a diamond stingray got landed.

Sunday was a bit better but it was all adult great whites on the bite. Too big to land. Again we had line and trace failures like mad.

This coming weekend I'll go try at Robbeberg point at PlettenbergBay. It's famous for big sharks and garricks so maybe my luck will turn. It.s just a hell of a walk to get there so I'll have to pack as light as possible. Here you can see what I mean.

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