Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hound sharks at Santos beach

Santos Beach
Yesterday morning I woke up to a perfect day. After getting my little one set up I packed my fishing tackle and headed for the beach. I decided to try the waters of Santos beach cause we had a huge swell on the ocean and Santos is sheltered against the swells. Arriving there everything looked very promising for a good day' s fishing.

After catching some baitfish and fighting seagulls from stealing my bait again I slid out a whole fish. About 20 minutes later I noticed some movement on my rod tip and saw I going down all of a sudden. I landed a small hound shark and released it to the amusement of the swimmers/holidaymakers in the water. While sliding out my second bait I had to convince them that a hound shark is harmless(especially that size).

Hound Shark Another half a hour or so later my bait got picked up and rod got pulled down. Again a hound shark, just a little bigger this time, still not the size of shark I'm after. But fishing is fishing and I'll be happy with any kind of fish. To me it's all about the sport.

After releasing this shark half of the swimmers decided not too swim anymore and the other half decided that I am public enemy number 1 so I called it a day and went home to spend some time with my baby boy.

Earlier this evening I went down to Little Brak river to see if i might get lucky there.Sunset The water and the sunset looked perfect. But there is a very strong undercurrent around our beaches now so I tried to catch a shad or two but only managed to land a blacktail and some nasty sea barbels. Now while I'm sitting here I hear the wind starting to blow very hard outside so maybe thats the reason the fishing was off tonight.

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