Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Bye Summer

So far I still seem to have some bad luck in getting the BIG ONE.
In between everything I did manage to get some time for fishing and landed a few smaller sharks and lots of edible fish(cob,shad and grunter).
At least my son is walking now and he just loves the ocean. On this trip to the beach I took him with and he could not stay away from my fishing rod(PROUD GRIN)

The next day he was busy playing with my reel when this hound shark picked up the bait and ran. Soon he will be catching them with dad.
For now I'm waiting for him to start catching the bait fish for the sharks.

Last Monday I headed down to Mosselbay again to see if the ragged tooth sharks are on the bite already.
I was still busy sliding out a whole mackerel when I felt a tug on the line.

Suddenly the tug became a strong pull as the slide hit my stop ring and I was on with something.

After a few minutes I landed this hammerhead shark. I think it must have fed on squid just before I caught it because after removing the hook everything was covered in black ink.

Further I had some nice pick ups while sliding bigger baits but sadly no hook ups. I heard that there are raggies starting to come out on that spot at night so I will be spending a few evenings there. At least work is back to normal and I have more time to spend fishing again.

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